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MEDTran Direct was established in 1986 by founder and president, Kalon Mitchell. At the time, the company was called Remote Support Services. RSS created and supported a hospital information system designed for small to medium scale hospitals across the Midwest. Since then we have transitioned into industry specialists in HIPAA compliant transaction processing software.

PayerLink - Medicare Claim Submission, DDE, Medicare Eligibility

Payer Connections Portal

Web-based payer connections portal including DDE, Eligibility Verification, and Claims File Transfer.

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837Direct - Electronic Billing

Electronic Billing

Our entry into the SaaS arena, with our flagship HIPAA compliant electronic billing solution.

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835Direct - Remittance Advice (835)

Remittance Processing

A complete electronic remittance advice processing application built to be the hub for all your insurance payments.

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California Outcomes Measurement System

California Outcomes Measurement System

A solution designed to collect and report substance abuse outcome measurement data for the State of California.

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TeleHealth Connect

Secure messaging software for electronic exchange of Protected Health information(PHI) between patients and the healthcare community.

PC Print Plus

PC Print Plus

Based on Medicare PC Print this was a Windows-based predecessor to 835Direct.

UBinator / HCFAnator

Windows based electronic billing software from the 90s.

Cardinal HIS

UNIX based hospital information systems designed for small to medium scale hospitals.